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Abnaa Sinai Trading & Contracting

At Abnaa Sinai, we are constantly working towards developing our resources and investing in developing our team to ensure delivering products and services of the highest qualities to achieve being a pioneer and leader in Africa and the Middle East. We understand that our vision puts a burden on our shoulders. We are fully committed to pursuing and materialising our short- and long-term visions by developing and enhancing our resources as well as maintaining fruitful partnerships with our valued client to create a role model for companies in the region and worldwide. Our business focus is to pioneer and lead the African and Middle Eastern market in providing and exporting building materials and heavy-duty machinery while providing maintenance services of the highest qualities to achieve maximum safety and security of our partners ahead.

Abnaa Sinai Construction & Building

Abnaa Sinai gets over all limits in its specialized fields, and in the field of construction business, which excels and is distinguished by its selection of administrative teams, employees and workers who are the most efficient and skilled in their field. When it comes to huge construction business, we achieve a high level of efficiency, in order to reach the required level in terms of quality and technical aspects to build a name and entity last. Our knowhow in management, well geared equipment and unique resources has enabled us to demonstrate capability of achieving excellence in a timely manner reflected in well executed projects. Because every project is different than the other we challenge ourselves to provide various services depending on our client’s need. We have accomplished a number of integrated works that have shown our quality on further note. Abnaa Sinai maintains high integrity on all promised timelines and quality assurances.

Misr Sinai

Misr Sinai has participated in several projects utilising its unique experience resulting in successfully reclaim 1,500 acres in Belbais with annual revenues exceeding EGP 4.5 Million in addition to reclamation of 500 acres in Sadat City ( Wadi El Natron) with annual revenues exceeding EGP 1.5 Million. Misr Sinai has successfully established a marble mining facility in El Sahaba Mountains area to produce marble to fulfil the demand of the industrial sector. Misr Sinai operates in accordance with the Egyptian National Services Centre to mine, extract and supply marble for industrial to minimize import of industrial supplies


Redefining the market by developing and embracing new construction techniques to match the environmental circumstances of the territory of operation. PROJECTS: ENA Walk - Cairo, Egypt New Arabella Compound


ITOUS is a specialized guarding and security company operating across Egypt. Our experts are well trained to guard and secure your properties or business to achieve maximum comfort and peace of mind for our clients. Our services include: - Properties Guarding - Personal Guarding - Secured transport Trucks


Hala tourism is established to facilitate the travel between Egypt and Palestine. Our extended experience allows us to facilitate travel visas and residency documents to ensure a hassle-free process for those seeking travel.

Sinai Lel kheir

We are keen on our role in social responsibility through the non - profit Sinai Charity, which aims to provide all kinds of support and assistance to Egyptians -We have dug more than 50 wells in Sheikh Zuweid to provide a reliable and abundant supply of water for domestic use and irrigation. -Hospitals are one of our main concerns as we provide them with all medications and devices they need. -We try to return the favor to the heroes who defend our land and to relieve their families’ pain by providing compensation to the families of martyrs, both material and moral. -We provide assistance to displaced persons who have suffered great loss and have lost their homes and all their living needs.

Organi Development

Was Established in November 2021, as it includes real estate development, operation of hotels, motels, apartments, hotel suites, villages and complementary or related activities, whether entertainment, sports, commercial or cultural, as well as tourism management and marketing, operation and management of restaurants .

Egy Mix

Egymix to ready-mix concrete was founded backed with huge investments that amount to half a billion Egyptian pounds with an ambitious plan to establishes ten ready-mix concrete plants within concrete in Egypt, a period of three years. Our goals were clear since the first day; to lead the market of ready-mix concrete in Egypt, and we took that goal seriously and that’s why we earned the trust of the international companies working in the construction industry in Egypt to supply their projects with ready-mix concrete. A project of the size of the national project for development of the slums of Manshyet Nasser is a great example of the scale of projects that we delivered. And that’s how Egymix started big and will continue to pursue the goals of market leadership.